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Foster a pet


The Mercer Humane Society started a foster program to help improve an animal's chance of adoption, as well as help ease the overcrowding at the shelter. A crowded shelter housing a wide variety of animals is not the best environment for the health and well-being of every animal. By fostering a dog or cat, we can get a better sense of their temperament and also work on basic behaviors and training. Our dedicated volunteers who foster animals are a huge part of our mission to find forever homes for these animals!

Image by Simon Hurry


Q: Who can foster an animal for the Mercer Humane Society?
A: You must be over 18 yrs of age and submit an application for approval.

Q: What costs are involved?
A: The Mercer Humane Society will provide veterinary care PRIOR to animal entering a foster home. Any maintenance, emergency care will also be provided by the Mercer Humane Society, which will require prior approval. We ask our foster homes to provide food, toys and safe and loving environment. Kennels may be available for loan. Please note – these costs are tax deductible.

Q: Can I adopt my foster pet?
A: Since our goal is to find appropriate homes for homeless animals, this is DEFINITELY an option. You would be required to sign an adoption contract and pay the designated adoption fee.

Interested in Fostering?

Submit a Foster application form and we'll be in touch!

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